Archive of Embodied Displacement

This a work in process project which started in the Spring of 2020.

This archive is a conversation between the book Through Newfoundland with the Camera, published over 100 years ago, and my gestures as a Latin American diaspora currently living in Vancouver, BC. These still images, performances, and writing, conjures a space and time that refuses to settle into homogeneity. This archive defends that the nuances of nationhood and belonging to shifting territories exist in the form of “diasporic gestures”, actions to ground ourselves in the current land we are inhabiting. Weaving together spaces and narratives of the “Canadian” East and West coast, I aim to claim some agency over my own history, a shared history of immigration, displacement, and awakening trust. 

The photographs from the book Through Newfoundland with the Camera were taken by Robert Edwards Holloway originally published in 1905 by Dicks and Co. in St. John's, Newfoundland. The book is part of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Digital Archives Initiative (DAI) collections under a Creative Commons license which can be accessed here ( The book can be consulted as whole here ( ).

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3. Railway near Humber River

3. Sheets of gift wrap in-printed with "THINKING OF YOU" stationary stamp, sawn together with yellow cotton thread

3. Thinking of you, railroad near 6th Ave.

2a. Point Grey, barnacles on rock

2b. Washed Whale on Notre Dame Bay (barnacles)

2b1. Washed Whale on Notre Dame Bay (barnacles)

2c. Touchstone at Point Grey

1. Iceberg Stranded in St. John's Harbour 

1a. Iceberg Stranded in St. John's Harbour above my bed. 

"The Steadies" of Humber River, West Coast

Map of Newfoundland 

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