Online Residency at Eastern Edge Gallery | April 20th - May 26th

Diaspora, from the Greek diaspeirein “to disperse”, is the population of a particular geographical region residing in other places. Connected by cultural backgrounds, diasporic subjects look at their homelands in search of the elements from which they might choose to continue to structure their identities. As a diasporic person; I ruminates about having a single homeland. I wonder, what does it mean to belong to a diaspora, to something that is dispersed and constantly adapting?  

During this residency, I want to affirm the existence of diasporic subjects, persons that navigate their environment with “diasporic gestures”. I will investigate closely my relationship to the island of Newfoundland as it stands as one of the nations that have informed my sense of belonging. I will engage in the creation of an archival of “embodied displacement” for which I will look at  Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Digital Archives Initiative (DAI) collection of images of places on the island that don’t longer exist.

Through textile, performance, and photo-based gestures I want to reify the bonds connecting myself to those in-existent spaces in an attempt to achieve a temporary agreement of co-existence.

Below you'll find the events for the residency as well as the live feed of my process. To the left side of this page you'll find the Archive of Embodied Displacement which is on the making.


Artist-in-Residence Meet and Greet

April 17th, 2020

4:30pm – Newfoundland Time

Join us on Zoom for an informal chat about art on online and the plans for the residency. Drop-in basis! - join here

Strange Souvenirs: Postcards for a New Normal

May 9, 2020 from 6 PM to 8 PM (NL time)

Gather the "art" materials you have lying around in your house and have a couple of postcard-size sturdy paper at hand. How has it felt walking in open spaces? What have we seen that we didn't notice before? Have we had an unusual encounter that made us feel nowhere? We will be sharing the walks we have had these days while the rest tries to document the stories into postcards. The goal is to share the moments that have made us feel disconnected or uncertain from/ about a place and turn them into souvenirs to connect with other people!

Register online: 

Artist Talk

May 29th, 2020 – 06:00pm (NL Time)

I will be sharing the background of my practice as well as the results of the residency. BYOD, Bring your own drink!

01:30pm (BC Time)

03:30pm (Oaxaca/CDMX Time)

Live feed of the residency:

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